Flight Numbers! You can think of these as a number breakdown for the characteristics of each disc. They allow you to easily gauge how the disc should fly in ideal conditions. Please note, these numbers are not perfect. Players will experience a difference in flight when using the same disc due to differences in arm speed, angle of release, or form. All companies in disc golf use the same flight numbers to make building your bag easier. 

The order of the numbers are always consistent. Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade. See the definitions below to better understand what each category means. 


The Speed at which the disc can fly. The highest number you will find is a Speed 14 Distance Driver, but these high speeds are not for the faint at heart. Faster discs will allow you to better handle throwing into the wind, but can be difficult to control. Lower speed discs do not typically travel as far but can be more accurate. Higher speed discs are not recommended for beginner players, heck some pros don't even throw full speed Distance Drivers. You'll find it beneficial to your game to start with slower speeds and work your way up. 


Typically described as how long the disc will maintain it's loft. For beginners, more glide equates to more potential distance. If you're looking to increase your distance, start here before increasing your Speed too much. 


Numbers ranging from +1 to -5. Higher turn (lower number) discs are typically best for beginners.  When a disc is released, there will be an initial period of turn, where the disc turns over. For right handed players, this bank will be to the right. A 0 or +1 Turn will be hardest to flip, while a disc with a -4 or higher will turn so far over it can become a roller!


Numbers range from 0 to 5. Because of the rotation of the disc, there will be a hook at the end. For Right Handed, Back Hand (RHBH) throws, this hook will be to the left. You can expect that discs with a Fade of 0 will finish nearly straight, while discs with a 5 will be an extreme hook to the left, or right for LHBH throwers.

Terminology Used:

RHBH: Right Hand, Back Hand throw. Think of this as throwing with your right hand as it wraps around your body to the left side. 

LHBH: Left Hand, Back Hand throw. The opposite of RHBH. When throwing with your left hand, your arm wraps around your right side.